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George Carlin on the language of advertising

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George Carlin and Bill Hicks are my two favorite comedians.

Neither was particularly fond of marketing and advertising. Interestingly enough, David Ogilvy wasn't that fond of it either - as it is normally practiced. Neither am I.

There are a bunch of take away lessons from this video:

1. Language is powerful and the right words are magic. Even words and phrases that we've heard over and over again. Carlin's not even selling anything, but I still want to buy what he's selling - whatever it is.

2. Your audience is hip to the ways they are being manipulated, so don't think you're all that clever. Play it straight. Offer real value and then explain it clearly. If you don't do that, you'll be losing out on many sales, many good customers and much opportunity and profit.

3. Are you putting as much effort into your copy as Carlin put into this routine? Probably not.

Are you using every sales phrase you have a reason to use in your appeals? Probably not.

Work as hard on your ad copy as Carlin did to craft this routine and you'll make a lot more sales - but don't base your ad copy on bullshit.

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